• Rediscover Ancient Skills... Plasmabump is a hub for classic doom deathmatch!
  • With an ELO ladder, stat-tracking system, and more. Powered by Odamex. Currently with an open Duel ladder, with more game modes/features to come. Break out that BFG9000 >:D

Getting Started

  1. You must have the Doom2.wad (buy the game)
  2. Download and install Odamex www.odamex.net
  3. Configure Odamex: Great Tutorial by Doomkid
  4. Download pwads and put them in your Odamex wad directory
  5. Duel on plasmabump servers
  6. Track your performance!


  • Xenaero for Ranks Icons
  • Skulltag for spree icons
  • Testers

Created by Jesse